Cancun Airport Transportation

There are plenty of transportation options in Cancun that have service between the popular downtown area, the airport and the hotel zone.
When traveling to or from the downtown area, always allow plenty of time. Traffic is unpredictable downtown and involves more than just
tourist traffic. In one trip, it may only take minutes to get to the downtown area, but it may take well over an hour on another trip. Always
allow plenty of time when traveling to the airport also. In regular traffic, getting to the airport from the hotel zone will take about 30
minutes. Hotels in Playa del Carmen will be closer to 45 minutes. Always allow extra time and remember to arrive at the airport at least 2
or 2 1/2 hours early.

Shuttles are the most popular way to travel from the airport to hotels and the downtown area. It is important to know that the only vehicles
allowed at the Cancun airport must have an official seal. To book a shuttle to or from the airport, always use the airport's website.
Unfortunately not all shuttle companies that run between downtown, the airport and hotel zone are reliable. The service is sometimes
irregular, and as a result, many people have missed flights or had to use a taxi instead. Shuttle prices are usually $35. The most reliable
company is Cancun Shuttle. Taxis are an excellent way to travel. Drivers are friendly, helpful and enjoy showing tourists their town. It is
best to request their service again on a specific day if further taxi travel is required. They are usually loyal and happy to oblige. Since
transportation upkeep costs and circumstances vary, their rates may change. Expect to pay about 15-30 pesos, depending on circumstances.

Car rentals are also available and vary greatly by season, but most people are lured in by the $20/day offers. Keep in mind that there are
numerous hidden charges and the total may wind up being closer to $50/day. Drivers must be 25 and have a valid license; they must also
have held a license for more than 2 years. Insurance is a must, but many companies offer plans that are less than satisfactory. It is better to
purchase a plan from Travel Guard, one of the most trusted international travel insurance companies. Their plans are detailed and solid. A
credit card must be used, as debit cards are not acceptable.