In Cancun you could stay busy 24 hours a day if you had the energy. Between diving,
snorkeling, visiting archeological sites, and enjoying a variety of watersports there is
always something to do. There are a large number of tours that can provide all of this
and more for you in Cancun. Some examples of exciting Cancun tours include:

Chichen Itza
For a day of ancient history and magic you can take a 12-hour day trip to these
amazing ruins of this city that was once the capital of the Mayan Empire. Typical tours
includes a visit to the cenote Ikil, an underground cave, where you can swim. You will
eat lunch while watching traditional folk dances and after lunch begin your tour of this
World Heritage Site. You’ll have a guided tour and then some time on your own to
explore. Prices for Chichen Itza tours begin at $77.00.

Combine an ecological park with an ancient archeological site and you have Xcaret.
Tours to Xcaret run from 9 to 14 hours and start at $96.00. Xcaret means little inlet and
for 1000 years the Mayans held their most sacred ceremonies on this spot. They also
bathed in the waters here to purify their minds and souls. Besides soaking up the sun
and the history, you can spend your day here snorkeling, swimming, and enjoying the
aquarium, aviary, gardens, lagoons and beaches. You can even swim in an
underground river.

Tulum and Xel-Ha
This 9-hour day trip takes you to Tulum, the most visited Mayan ruin in the Yucatan.
Tulum sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The tour consists of a guided
tour of the city and then a drive to Xel-Ha, an aquatic theme park. Spend time
snorkeling and exploring the underground caves, sitting on the beach, or exploring
the lagoons, natural wells, and ancient caves of Xel-Ha. These tours start at $110.

Other Tours
There are more than two dozen different guided tours that you can enjoy in Cancun.
Some others include:

The Xplor Adventure Park – for $129 you can spend as long as you want zip lining,
rafting through caves, and driving an amphibious vehicle through the jungle.

Sail on a Trimaran to Isla Mujeres – This little island is right at the spot where the
Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea join. For $75 you can sail to the island and
spend the day swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beach.