Cancun is filled with high quality and luxurious hotels for visitors from all parts of
the world. Whether you are looking for the beautiful sandy beaches found on
the Hotel Zone or the usually more affordable rooms found closer into town,
Cancun will be sure to have just the hotel that you are looking for.

The Hotel Zone in Cancun is literally a long, narrow island off the coast of the
mainland that functions more as a peninsula. The Hotel Zone is 12 miles from
the Cancun airport and there are plenty of shuttles that travel from the airport to
the Zone everyday. The Hotel Zone area is filled with over 40 MAJOR hotels
and resorts and each one is only a stones throw from a beautiful beach. You
can golf, get massages, jet ski, snorkel, play tennis, visit a spa, eat dinner and
basically do almost anything else that you desire on your vacation without
leaving the Hotel Zone if you don't want to.
Most of the hotels in the Hotel Zone are 4 and 5 star rated. In spite of the quality the prices for Hotels can be surprisingly inexpensive, especially if
you visit during the off season.

There are also many hotels in the downtown area of Cancun. Their prices here are usually even less expensive than the prices of hotels in the
Hotel Zone but keep in mind that in spite of the quality of hotel usually being equal to the Hotel Zone, that when you stay in downtown Cancun you
will usually need to take a bus or taxi for 10 minutes or more in order to visit the beach. On the other hand, staying downtown does take you closer to
many nightclubs and restaurants.

In the end it is your choice on where you want to stay but we are convinced that as long as you are talking about Cancun you really can't make a
wrong choice.
Cancun Hotels