The Yuctan peninsula is one of the more popular worldwide destinations for professional
and amateur cave divers. Cave diving is also called "cenote diving" and there are many
reputable dive instructors that are for hire in the Cancun area. Many of the cenotes are
accessed only through small and medium sized holes in the middle of the jungle. These
cenotes are actually underground rivers with flow patterns and many, many unexplored
segments and tunnels.

Be advised that cave diving is not for the faint of heart or those that are not sufficiently
familiar with scuba diving. As a cenote diver you are underground in caves and if
something goes wrong such as you getting lost the results are more serious than if you
were in the ocean where you could just swim to the surface, in an underground cave that
is rarely an option.

This is not to say that such serious results are commonplace, the truth is far from it, but that
is no excuse to give it less importance then the situation deserves.

For some reputable cenote diving tour operators view the companies that we have
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Cave Diving