Deep-sea is the most exciting fishing experience of all, on Mexico’s world-class trolling waters!

A four-hour charter ranges from $299 to $650, depending on the type and size of boat (shared rate
$99). A six-hour charter is between $450 to $800 (shared rate $115), with the same variations.

Here’s what your charter will include:

• Licensed, expert captain and boat crew
• Tackle and bait
• Fishing license
• Port taxes, tips and fees
• As much cold soda, bottled water and beer as you want
• Ice
• Food (varies by carrier)
• Warm sun and gorgeous ocean

You will meet your charter around 7 a.m., and return anytime between early afternoon and early
evening. Cancun’s boats have been especially adapted for sport fishing, and will have all the gear that
you need. An ‘open bar’ is hard to resist, but do moderate your alcohol intake.

Pack as you would for a day on any boat—plenty of sunscreen, a bathing suit, cover-up, non-slip boat
shoes, head covering and a change of clothes. Gloves for gripping the reel would be a good idea, as
well. And bring your camera, especially if you are planning to catch and release!

Enjoy camaraderie, cold drinks and fish stories, but if you catch any crustaceans or mollusks, you’ll
have to throw them back. Mexico tightly restricts sport fishing. For instance, you may only use one rod
at a time. Your captain will inform you about the catch limits, and catch and release has no limits.

If you are deep-sea fishing, some charter websites display fishing calendars, so you can see which
fish are in season. Here are the types of fish you might catch:

• Blue or white marlin (April to August)
• Barracuda (Year-round)
• Sailfish (April to August)
• Wahoo (April to August)
• Grouper (Year-round)
• Amberjack (Year-round)
• Spanish mackerel (Year-round)

Some charters will take you to a facility where you can have your catch cooked to order. Others will set
up a tournament, so that you can engage in friendly competition with your friends.

Always make advance arrangements, and be sure to ask fishing operators these questions

• Are you licensed, and do you have the necessary permits?
• How much experience do your captain and crew have?
• Describe your amenities in detail, including safety provisions.

Cancun Charter Fishing