Many beaches in Cancun allow tourists and locals the opportunity to take a turn
parasailing. Parasailing is done when a boat pulls a person strapped and
harnessed into a parachute. The speed of the boat pulls the parachute up into the
air and it follows the boat from 200 feet overhead.

Parasailing is a great way to feel the wind on your face and get an unsurpassed
360 degree view of the area around you. You can see beaches for miles as well
as coral and reefs below and even larger fish when they are present.

Parasailing rides can be had for as cheap as $25 if you are willing to haggle and
business is slow at the moment but most people can expect to pay between
$40-$50 for a 10 minute ride.

Cameras are not recommended considering that if you drop them from 200 feet
they will usually break even with the water below, but they are allowed if you insist
on it. Pictures from 20 stories up are usually some of the best of the trip.